The In Pursuit of ME! 12-Week Pursuit Journal includes 84 days worth of powerful, actionable wisdom, exercises, truths and focus to help you discover and pursue your personal growth. It’s insightful, practical, and creative—a great tool for transformation and growth! The purpose of this journal is to help you transform yourself and your life so that you are focused for 12 weeks on your personal growth.  You will be well on the way to DISCOVER, BECOME and EMPOWER your life. You will gain clarity on who you are and what is holding you back. You will also streamline and bring harmony to your life so that you have the space and energy to pursue your purpose.


Every week for twelve weeks, you will take small and manageable steps. Each step reveals aspects of yourself and tools to empower your growth.  Each week begins and ends with opportunities to reflect, plan and create specific actions that keep you moving forward week after week. 


Through the journal, we covers four main areas: 

- Understanding more about yourself;

- Addressing roadblocks and limitations that hold you back;

- Creating a vision for your growth;

- Taking actions that empower your personal growth journey.


You will benefit from the clarity this self-work provides, and you may find the information you uncover about yourself leads you to something unexpected and exciting. As you do the daily Soul Clarity Reflections, you may feel uncomfortable or even sad. Don’t shut down, be honest with yourself and about life. The reflections provide information that can reveal who you are and who you need to BECOME to move forward.  We need to deal with these internal limitations before we can DISCOVER, BECOME and EMPOWER our lives which creates effective IMPACT on the different roles and responsibilities we walk out on a daily basis as women.  


Take your time and stay on track with the schedule.  You may be tempted to read ahead, trying to cram 84 days of learning and actions into less time. Believe me, I understand that. But I encourage you to “marinate” and allow the information presented to resonate in your mind, heart, soul and spirit for greater clarity and application


The next 84 Days you need to focus and be intentional. Each of the daily, weekly and monthly actions requires time, introspection and reflection. Give yourself the gift of this time and fully complete the process. 


The whole process requires writing and reflection, so please take the time to write your thoughts and progress. You will frequently refer back to your answers from previous days or weeks, so writing is a critical part of the process. It is the only way to get the most from this process.