IN PURSUIT OF ME is about developing the TOTAL YOU so you can LIVE as the GREATEST EXPRESSION of yourself. You will develop your UNIQUE Identity and Life Message so you can become your best self and create the greatest impact on your life and the different roles and responsibilities you walk out on a daily basis as a woman.  Your success is lived when you understand yourself and how to move towards your destiny and fulfill your purpose.  Our GOAL is to empower and give you the tools to transform your journey.  You will create harmony in the different aspects of your life.  We provide curriculum based resources, mentoring, coaching and media to help you discover and reach your full potential.  Your destiny is not fate or chance. You have to make choices and the choices you make today will shape your future.  In order to grow you need to develop your skills, talents, competencies, abilities, character and truth.  Your choose.


Have you been asking yourself why you are here and what is your purpose?  Are you a woman who KNOWS she is destined to impact others but just needs some direction? Do you feel a shift in your life and you are ready for the change? Have you been trying to figure it all out, asking yourself what you’ve been missing in your life? Have you been going in one direction and found it wasn’t right anymore? Do you have clarity of purpose but need to develop it? Has life been in control because of your responsibilities, and you are not sure what living “true to you” looks like or how to do it? Maybe you have been doing all the right things according to others, but YOU are not being fulfilled or happy!


You were created by God for a unique part only you can play in the World. Are you ready to learn more about your Life Message and your Identity Blueprint? Join me for this interactive discovery experience. Instead of trying to discover the task you are suppose to do, we will focus on finding the UNIQUE message you are called to be and embody to yourself and others.


You will identify, clarify, design, develop and understand how to live in true and authentic identity as an individual. You will also learn about the impact of your Life MEssage on your realm of influence as a Woman and a Leader.  You’ll find that God has been doing a lifelong work in you through your story, and that everything you’ve been through works to make you into the person you are called to be. Once you understand what you were born to communicate, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities you find already in your life to function through your Life MEssage.


I coach motivated women who know they are leaders and are ready to live their purpose, develop their Life Message, crystallize their desires and live their lives on purpose!


It is my desire to equip and empower you to live as the GREATEST EXPRESSION of yourself.  You will develop your unique individuality as well as the different roles and responsibilities you walk out on a daily basis.  Whether for your Life Message, business or ministry we have developed Programs and Seminars for each area of your life for maximum results and success. They include knowledge, disciplines, beliefs, character, mindset and skills.





  • Implement a plan of action
  • Pursue your goals and dreams with our encouragement and support
  • Increase confidence and clarity about who God made you regarding your
      UNIQUE Identity, Life Message, roles, responsibilities and purpose
  • Establish measurable and achievable goals
  • Get unstuck and help you take the next steps in your journey
  • Stay focused and committed
  • Move forward from where you are, to where you want to be
  • Create new perspectives and solutions
  • Discover and experience your potential through guidance
  • Take advantage of opportunities and resources that are available.
  • Lead to tangible changes in your life





Coaching is not therapy or counseling. Coaching is an ongoing, transparent relationship in person, skype, email or via phone to empower you to explore your purpose, vision, goals and dreams. Coaching helps you to experience your true potential quickly. Coaching provides you with accountability, a place to brainstorm, define and move towards growth, development and change. Since each coaching experience is unique to the client, each client will set the tone for their coaching session.


Coaching will help you:

  • Discover and inspire your purpose and passion
  • Help you solve problems and focus on your life’s values
  • Create direction and a plan of action to achieve your life purpose and mission
  • Identify your most important goals and create a strategic plan
  • Maximize your potential by building your strengths and skills
  • Negotiate more effectively and accomplish a higher level of personal and business development
  • Identify opportunities to reach greater career growth and success
  • Create a plan to successfully go through life transitions
  • Live a life of purpose that matters, while maintaining a life of balance and wellness

We are excited to be apart of your journey!


What types of Coaching are available?

  • Personal & Group Life Coaching (Includes Identity coaching, purpose coaching, motivational and growth coaching)
  • Business Coaching (Includes success coaching, brand, identity and vision development)
  • Ministry Coaching & Consulting (success coaching and growth coaching for women ministry leaders, purpose coaching and consulting to launch a ministry, organize and develop related events, marketing and resource development)


Coaching Services include:

  • Individuals
  • Groups/Teams
  • Church Ministry Leaders/ Marketplace Ministry Leaders/Ministry
  • ORGANIZATION/Marketplace Ministry Organiztion

Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation regarding your goals for our coaching relationship.  We look forward to being apart of your journey. inpursuitofme@gmail.com
















Stephanie M. Kirkland is a Self Leadership Coach, Mentor, Author and Minister. For over 20 years she has been dedicated to encouraging and equipping women and girls to Discover and Develop their Unique Identity and Life Message, Become their Best Selves and Empower their Lives. She is the creator of In Pursuit of Me, A Personal Development Company dedicated to empowering women and girls through Mentoring, Coaching, Resources, Events and Media.


She specializes in Self Leadership, Personal Growth/Development, General Life Coaching, Spiritual Development, Women's Issues,  and does consulting for faith based women's ministries and organization.


MY Pursuit Journey

I have always been surrounded by strong, wise, powerful, independent women.  That aspect of my Identity Lineage was on point for my Life Message Blueprint. I knew who I was as a woman and was complete in that definition.  I understood how to relate to women and to advocate their cause from a very early age.  It is the foundation in which everything grew in my life to this day.

"Your Life Message Blueprint is meant to give direction to your life.  When it is not complete or we are not healed or "whole", the direction for our lives can be misdirected and needs to be adjusted."


The other part of my Identity Lineage was not balanced.  My father was not active in my life.  When I was a young girl my parents divorced and I had very limited contact with him. He remarried and moved to another state.  To me, he didn’t just change locations, he moved out of my life.  I was out of his sight, and apparently, (by his actions) out of mind.


The effects of my father’s absence created strongholds in my life.  The strongholds of rejection, abandonment, anger, and low self-value had set in my subconscious, and would play out throughout my life and relationships.  It was how a little girl internalized the loss of a relationship and Identity.


It was through my spiritual development, healthy relationships, mentors, coaches and investing in myself through personal development that I began to see and develop my identity.  I learned how to trust and love.  I began to see myself, my heart, and the strongholds that were keeping me from fulfilling my purpose and destiny.  I began to let down the walls of protection that helped me cope.  I finally broke the strongholds that had developed over my life.


I learned that just because my Identity had its roots in rejection, it didn’t have to continue to be that way. My Life Message Blueprint became clear.  It was no longer rooted in pain, hurt, anger and rejection.  I was able to see that my healing and Life Message was going to be used to impact other peoples lives.








In Pursuit of ME! the Woman

As an adult the many roles and responsibilities increased dramatically in my life. I was a wife, mother, leader, entrepreneur, mentor and so much more.  It became easier to put myself on the back-burner.  My dreams, goals, personal care/development didn't seem as important as my family, work, church and other obligations.  But over time I learned that I wasn't "whole" and had lost myself in the responsibilities of life. I was not being the best for myself, my work, my family or my other obligations.  Sometimes I even resented these roles and responsibilities even thou it was my choice and no one made me do it.


I learned to take time for me because I was giving out and not replacing what I needed to feel good about myself and the things that I was doing.  When I look back at some of my pictures I can see that I was lost to myself, even though everyone around me (except my mother lol) believed I was content and complete.


I began to understand the importance of having harmony and flow in my life and that I was apart of that equation.  I began to understand that I was apart of the family, not just the "worker."  I learned that I was a leader with a call on my life and I had a responsibility to live it. Today, my family is happier, my life is fuller and I look forward to what is coming because in my IN PURSUIT of ME! I discovered my life message, I am becoming the GREATEST EXPRESSION of myself and my life is empowered as I walk in purpose.   My life experiences can now empower women and girls to understand that their Identity can be developed and healed.  I can empower them to understand that the past does not have to be the structure for the future.  There are things we can do about it.


Stephanie M Kirkland is married to Educator and Pastor Dr. John U. Kirkland (20 years) and has 3 sons (John Jr, and twins Aaron and Zachary).