The Identity Based Leadership Programs bring together like minded women who desire to Connect, Learn and Grow.  We are a Powerful Community.  Community = Support, Connection, Learning, Commitment and Accountability for your personal development, dreams, goals, roles, responsibilities and passions.  We support one another in our greatest ambitions and toughest transitions.



Leadership is the ability to influence people in order to get things done. Meanwhile, IDENTITY BASED LEADERSHIP is the ability to intentionally influence your own thoughts and behavior to achieve your personal wellbeing, personal goals or an organization’s objectives. Identity Based Leadership helps make you proactive, disciplined, and an independent decision maker.

Behavioral Self-Leadership (BSL): associated with goal setting, monitoring behavior, and evaluating progress.

Mental Self-Leadership (MSL): includes techniques for examining and altering of self-dialogue, beliefs and assumptions, mental imagery, and thought patterns (i.e. habits in your thinking).

Identity Based Leadership Coach and Life Strategist Stephanie M. Kirkland started these programs as a reflection of her own journey of Identity, Personal Development and Self Discovery.  Identity is her Message and she knows she is called to impact the lives of women who are on that same journey. So many women deal with isolation and lack of support regarding their life transitions and personal growth journey and desire to be in community with like minded women who understand their multiple roles, responsibilities and endeavors.  She decided to bring them together through small group and her Identity Based Leadership Curriculum to impact their journey.  We truly love to gather together and empower our PURSUITS.


Our desire is that as we gather together to CONNECT, LEARN and GROW, Self Leaders are developed, wisdom is gained, lives are impacted, legacy is created and love is shared. 


I invite you to explore the different program options.  They include live courses, private coaching and mentoring, transformational events, media and Online Courses. Whichever route you choose, you’ll experience powerful learning, strong accountability and support.


Investing in personal development is an opportunity to make significant changes, improvements or shifts in the areas of your life most important to you. You’ll explore new perspectives, create or recommit to authentic goals and design a path that leads you from where you are to where you want to be. The process allows you to do more, be more, have more and give more by defining what success looks like for you.








  • Unlike most coaches, Stephanie's programs are curriculum based, providing structured learning

      modules to guide you through your transformation.  It is a combination of live courses, discussion, action plans

      and Q&A sessions.

  • She understands how to identify underlying barriers that hinder your progress.

  • She shows you how to see your situation and circumstances in new perspectives to inspire lasting change.

  • Her community of like-minded clients provide a safe, supportive environment to share successes and seek


  • She stands with you as you DISCOVER who you are and passionately PURSUE your personal goals.

  • She helps you focus on the importance of mindset in creating the life you want.



The IPOM IDENTITY BASED LEADERSHIP PROGRAM is designed to show you how to develop your UNIQUE Identity for the different areas of your life. The curriculum helps you navigate all areas of your life and create a deep, purpose centered life that brings fulfillment. By exploring where you are, where you truly want to go and the steps that need to be taken, you’ll create an action plan to get there.




I had taken several classes on moving beyond my pain but they always seemed incomplete. I was always left with the question "Now what do I do with all that has been revealed to me?" When I started, I was seeking God about what He wanted me to do. I was VERY unclear of the message I was to share. This class has finally taken me to the next step and I am learning what MY message is behind my ups and downs. My husband has seen me come out of my shell and become more outgoing. My wardrobe used to consist of the color black and mainly jeans. Now I am loving colors, skirts, dresses, heels; I smile and laugh so much. I am finally seeing the beauty from the inside begin to show on the outside. In Pursuit of Me taught me to go after the best me and allow her to shine. From being the best me, excellence will be the fruit of my actions. I have to be intentional in my growth as well, hence the name of the class "In Pursuit of Me." 


Thank you Stephanie Kirkland for being a vessel. So many times we see vessels as empty containers. However, vessels are often containers that are full of something. You are full of Gods Word and pouring out your message of Identity. It takes a lot of love, patience, strength, compassion, tough love, etc to be a midwife, educator, mentor, etc.


You have taught me that I am not an empty vessel but I am full of all that God wants me to be.


                                                                                                                                                Laquisha G. 2014 Program Graduate



We have all asked the questions. What is this all about?  Why am I here?  How do I get "unstuck"? Something is missing in my life?  We have found ourselves trying to figure it all out on our own, asking ourselves what we've been missing.  Some of us have been going in one direction and found it wasn't right anymore.  Others life has been in control because responsibilities and roles have led our lives and we are no longer sure what living "true to you" really looks like anymore.  BUT YOU ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE ALL THAT!!!


I hope that you will choose to allow us to impact your IDENTITY, PURPOSE, LIFE MESSAGE and your Self Discovery Journey. 


  • When you Align with the Message your life is suppose to speak and develop yourself, you 

  • ACTIVATE the CALL and BLESSINGS attached to it.

  • You ELEVATE your LIFE and PURPOSE.  

  • You strategically and purposefully position yourself to IMPACT the lives of those you are called to influence with your life. 

  • You POSITION yourself to HONOR GOD with YOUR LIFE and fulfill the PLANS he has for you.  


What a AWESOME season you can embark on! 


The course is designed to help you explore, understand and live out what it means to be ALL that you were created to be for PURPOSE.  You will learn about:


  • Personal Purpose,

  • Finding Your Life Message,

  • Spiritual Formation,

  • Leadership,

  • Becoming Unstuck,

  • Becoming your Best Self,

  • Feminine Apologetics and how this brings Harmony and Empowerment to

      the different roles and responsibilities you function in on a daily basis.


You can SHIFT the trajectory of your LIFE into PURPOSE on PURPOSE.  No more "just existing" you will be PURPOSE DRIVEN.   Your family, job, relationships, church and community will be forever CHANGED and ELEVATED!  I look forward to being apart of your journey.


                           PROGRAM OUTLINE


   Clarify Your Personal Vision/Life Message

   Self Awareness

    Self Discovery

    Self Reflection & Introspection 

    Goal Setting

    Self Regulation/Management

    Internal Motivation

    Social Skills




    Self Talk

    Evaluating Beliefs and Assumptions

    Using new and improved scripts​

    Work toward building intrinsic motivations​

    Discover Your Personal Values

    Identify Your Strengths and Weakness​


    Self Discipline

    and more







6 Month Program

3 Tiered Self Leadership Coaching Model

    -Behavior Focused Strategies

    - Intrinsic Strategies

     -Constructive Thought Strategies

1 All Day Training Session 

Face to Face Group Coaching Sessions

One on One Coaching Sessions with Stephanie Kirkland


PURSUIT Journal/Workbooks


*Earn a Certificate in Personal Self Leadership

***If cancelled, program converts to hourly rate for time worked together.

Program 2: 
Success is not automatic.  It doesn't "just happen".  It develops as you take actionable, purpose driven, committed and sometimes challenging steps to move forward in order to create the success you want and deserve.  Your success is our objective because we know you want more in your career, finance, relationships, business or ministry.


  • Are you ready to move forward towards your goals?
  • Do you know where you'd like to be by this time next year personally and professionally and need strategic process?
  • Are you passionate about starting, growing or leveraging your own business or ministry?  


We invite you to DISCOVER, BECOME AND EMPOWER your business or ministry by connecting to the In Pursuit of ME! Business Woman Mastermind.  You will experience impactful learning, accountability and support regarding your goals.




  • Tools and Specific “How-To” Training and Action Steps
  • Transformational and Perspective Shifting Education
  • Supportive Community and Accountability Partners
  • Targeted topics so you can get exact information you need "RIGHT NOW"
  • Practical, Implementable Action Plans & Assignments geared towards your specific vision
  • An engaged coach, mentor and teacher committed to your success.




  • Bi-Monthly In Person Course
  • Email access
  • Monthly Q & A Opportunities 
  • One on One Laser Coaching to stay on track, focused and in action.
  • Homework: Assignments and coursework to solidify the learning and gets you into implementing what you are learning.
  • Accountability: We review progress with homework and results you’re getting from the information being taught.
  • Support: Constant feedback and the ability to get your questions answered and provide encouragement.




*Develop a Strategic Plan of Action with Measurable and Achievable Goal

*Develop your Business Message 

*Implement Success Tools, Personal Achievement & Effectiveness Strategies

*Turn Challenges into Opportunities

*Identify Important Goals and How to achieve them

*Learn to become your Best Self

*Reprogram your Mind & Thinking for Goal Achievement and Success

*Encouraging Partner as you Pursue your Goals and Dreams

*Increase your Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Clarity

*Get Unstuck to Move Forward and Become Unstoppable

*Gain Control of your Time and Life

*Track your Success and be accountable for results.

*Leadership Skill Development

*Image Development & Consulting

*Practical Processes for Etiquette & Social Protocol

*Practical Processes for Communication 

*Create New Perspectives and Solutions

*Learn to take Advantage of Opportunities and Resources

*How to Employ Tangible Changes in your Life

*Team Building through Personal Effectiveness and Achievement Strategies & Skills


I am so excited to be apart of your journey.  I look forward to us moving forward for you to reach your business and/or ministry goals for 2015 and beyond.


In Pursuit of ME Ministry Coaching & Consulting


Ministry Coaching & Consulting is specifically designed to equip and empower women in ministry and women’s ministry visions.  This includes minister’s, female pastor’s, five-fold ministry leaders, pastor’s wives, women’s ministry leaders, and marketplace ministry leaders. We coach and consult regarding personal development for leaders, leadership development and the establishment, development and management of women’s ministry vision.


Everyone is not qualified to coach and consult women in ministryThe life of women in ministry is a very unique niche and experience. There are many facets that must be handled with great care and prudence.  We understand and believe that every woman in ministry must develop herself, not just the ministry she is responsible to oversee.  We do confidential one on one coaching and group coaching for your empowerment and personal growth.


We also help you brainstorm, establish achievable goals, create strategies, equip and empower your leadership teams, develop support resources, as well as marketing and design to specifically empower your vision for the most impact to your realm of influence.

Stephanie M. Kirkland has worked in all facets of ministry for over 20 years.  This includes pastor’s wife, associate pastor, women’s ministry pastor, youth leader, women’s ministry director, outreach leader, conference director, women’s ministry small group leader, teacher, couples’ ministry leader and consultant. She understands the in’s and out’s of ministry. She has established, developed, trained and successfully implemented all aspects of women’s ministry and it’s respective components.  She knows how to go from dream, manifestation and the maintenance of the dream for success.  It is her desire to use her experience and gifts to empower other women who hear the call of ministry on their hearts.


***If cancelled, program converts to hourly rate for time worked together.










Working with Stephanie Kirkland was an eye-opening experience! I was scattered and not quite sure where I was going, but she understood perfectly. She helped me to better understand the vision that God placed inside of me and how to bring it to fruition. What I couldn’t explain to others, she helped me put it into words. She is such an awesome woman of God, and the care and concern she expresses is genuine.  I'm extremely grateful for her help.


Monica Headen

Business Coaching Client









IPOM BODYFIT is a Division of IPOM Self Leadership Center For Women. It is where women do Monthly Challenges and Quarterly Events to support a desire to improve our Health and get Stronger.  


We Encourage each other, Have Fun, Hold each other Accountable and Learn about Self Care regarding our Body Health.  We would love for you to be a part!  Join Us Online at IPOM BODYFIT.




Learn Fundamental Pillars of Physical Self Leadership 


Types of physical Exercise

1. Strength Training 

2. Yoga/ Pilates

3. Cardio Training

4. Walking/Water Training

5. Dance

B. Issues Women Face

1. Medical Issues

2. Weight loss 

3. Mental Wellness 

C. Analysis/Assessment

D. Self Defense 

E. Food & Nutrition

12 week Physical Implementation (Cooper River)