It’s TIME to position your Spiritual Self Leadership


Study Gender Theology with emphasis on Feminine Identity Formation at the EZER WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE.  We start every August.



Overcoming the #1Temptation Every Woman Faces on her Identity Journey,

Difference between Religious Beliefs about Gender and Gender Role Ideology, 

Impact of Social and Cultural Ideology, 

Old Testament and New Testament Survey,

Feminine Identity throughout History, 

Gender Theologies & Biblical Interpretations

(Patriarchy, Traditionalism, Egalitarianism, Feminism, Womanism), 

Comparative Religious Ethics on Contemporary Issues facing Women & Girls,

Justice, Biblical Equality, Equity, Leadership, Relationship Ideology,

Investigating Biblical Text about Feminine Identity

(Lens of Context, History, Culture),

 Basic Hermeneutics, and Public Speaking.


In this Twelve Month Program you will develop your theology and biblical hermeneutics with practical engagement with biblical text centered around Feminine Identity. 

You will earn a

Certificate of Leadership in Gender Theology with emphasis on Feminine Identity Formation. 


*You don’t have to be a minister or in a ministry to participate. It is for EVERY WOMAN who wants to develop her Spiritual Self Leadership.  Application Process.


CONTACT us if you want to attend!